Welcome to Khadreena's Gallery


Khadreena is best known for her art that captures both God's creations through nature and man-made designs through architecture. 

In her decades-spanning practice, Khadreena uses art to communicate uplifting emotions and virtues. She highlights healing and empowerment as her major themes. 

Self-taught, Khadreena uses art as a means to heal from life's tragedies and to celebrate its triumphs. "Nature and architecture evoke powerful feelings of awe. I try to capture these emotions in my art; and give this power to others. I want my art to awaken compelling virtues such as hope, patience, faith, and confidence. I want people to feel something, to empathize with it on a very deep level, and to inspire positive transformative change."

Khadreena currently lives in Ottawa, Canada where she finds the perfect balance between built and natural heritage.​

For inquiries contact: info@khadreena.com


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